My art is organic. I am influenced by both music and biology. My installations are a three dimensional rendition of my narrative paper monoprints in which I visualize the idea of rhythm and most of all, the idea of polyphony; where each melodic line has an autonomous function but also synthesizes perfectly within the whole. I organize structural lines, symmetric and asymmetric, to produce a sonorous visual layer. Like in a polyphonic texture, these linear structures aid in the perception of themes and motifs, creating a distinctive rhythmic identity. Just as counterpoint techniques give melody depth, so do the multiple linear planes in my work create visual depth. As with the composition of a contra punctual piece, I employ the techniques of selecting a small segment of my work and manipulating it to create retrogrades, augmentations and diminutions, and inversions. Simultaneously, I am inspired by the microscopic; protozoa, cells, nerves, and by the macroscopic; land formations, planets, galaxies. Both my monoprints and site specific installations combine my interested in polyphonic composition and cytology. They present an environment that is both micro and macro, organic and linear, large and detailed, harmonious and chaotic.
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