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Critic's Picks: Denver

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Microsporor I, 2012, Monoprint, 30" x 22"
Microsporos I, 2012, Monoprint, 30" x 22"

Brazilian-born, Boulder-based artist, Rosane Volchan O'Conor is the subject of "Introductions" at the still newish Goodwin Fine Art. The show is part of a series of exhibits running in galleries throughout the city this summer that are meant to highlight artists new to the local scene. This series is being sponsored by the Denver Art Dealers Association (known as DADA), a membership organization. O'Conor creates works on paper--most often monoprints--that have all-over compositions of scribbled lines. They are clearly derived from Abstract Expressionism. She then translates these thoroughly non-objective pieces into large installations based on them, turning her scribbled and transferred lines into three-dimensional forms created from sticks, neon tubes, gauze and other materials. The effect for viewers is not unlike entering an abstract painting or drawing. O'Conor has said that in conceiving her works, she is influenced by an array of sources ranging from microscopic life to music, and though there is a chaotic quality to her pieces, they are also somehow balanced and harmonious. The show will feature a selection of her works on paper along with a single related installation.

O'Conor's show at Goodwin Fine Art opens on August 10 and runs through September 1.

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